Do Air Fryers Add or Cut Calories?

Although air fryers are advertised as a healthier option for frying food, it is well-known that fried food is not considered healthy. In fact, immersing chicken pieces in boiling oil has been linked to several adverse health effects.

The air fryer has revolutionized the cooking game. Do Air Fryers Add or Cut Calories? By using a small amount of oil, the air fryer can decrease the calorie count in fried food by up to 80% – making it a much healthier option.

However, it is worth noting that deep frying has never been considered a healthy cooking method. Therefore, it would be more informative to compare the air fryer with other cooking techniques.

After conducting research, these are my findings.

Is there an increase in calorie count when using air fryers?

Air fryers are essentially heating elements with a fan and do not contribute additional calories. The air frying process involves directing hot air at the food to produce a crispy exterior, and while adding oil before air frying can enhance the crispiness, it is not necessary. Nevertheless, if oil is used, the calorie count of the food will rise considerably.

I rarely use oil when air frying. In my opinion, the results are great even without it. The outer layer is dried out which makes it crunchy. Of course, it doesn’t exactly resemble the crispiness of the food that has been deep-fried but it’s a healthy alternative with a unique and delicious flavor.

The Maillard reaction allows the air fryer to create a crispy texture similar to that of a deep fryer, but without the use of oil, which is quite impressive.

Do Air Fryers Cut Calories?

Whether air fryers add or cut calories depends on the comparison being made. When compared to deep fryers, air fryers save a significant amount of calories. Those who have switched from a deep fryer to an air fryer have likely decreased their daily calorie consumption considerably.

Switching from a pressure cooker to an air fryer may not have any effect on your calorie consumption. This is because neither of these appliances necessitates the use of oil – it’s just an added benefit.

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Nevertheless, there are additional factors to consider when discussing calorie reduction:

  • Method of cooking: Deep frying necessitates oil and is, thus, an unfavorable option when attempting to reduce calories. Air fryers, pressure cookers, slow cookers, and most other methods of cooking don’t require oil but can still add a considerable amount of calories if the chef decides to include oil or other high-calorie ingredients. This indicates that the calories aren’t tied to the appliance but rather the technique employed.
  • Ingredient selection: Placing any ingredient in the air fryer does not alter its nutritional value, whether it is high or low in fat. Pre-made onion rings, chicken nuggets, and fries from the store will still have the same calorie count as indicated on their packaging. Nevertheless, using an air fryer instead of deep-frying can help you cut down on a significant amount of calories that would otherwise be added through oil immersion.
  • Frequency: The impact of air fryers on weight loss is heavily influenced by how often you use them. For instance, if you consume deep-fried foods frequently throughout the week, switching to an air fryer can make a significant difference. However, if you only indulge in deep-fried foods once or twice a month, the reduction in your daily calorie intake may not be substantial.

Cutting down on your daily calorie consumption is the most reliable way to shed pounds, so an air fryer can be a great help in this regard. According to Healthline, there are also other health benefits associated with air fryers, such as:

  • Air Fryers Decrease the Amount of Fat: Foods that are fried in oil have a high fat content because they absorb the oil. Since every gram of fat contains 9 calories, consuming too much fat can increase the risk of heart disease. Comparatively, proteins and carbohydrates only contain 4 calories per gram. Air fryer recipes require significantly less oil than deep fryer recipes, with a difference of about 30-50 times less oil used.
  • Decrease of Acrylamide by Nearly 90%: In addition to the extra calories, deep-fried food is also exposed to a situation where hazardous compounds like acrylamide are created. Acrylamide may be associated with cancer, as research has shown.
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How Many Calories Does an Air Fryer Save In Comparison To a Deep Fryer?

The impact of air fryers on calorie count varies depending on the type of food being cooked. When compared to deep-fried foods, using an air fryer can result in a notable reduction in calories. A table below provides a comparison between air-fried and deep-fried foods, featuring commonly fried ingredients.

IngredientAF Weight/Calories/FatDF Weight/Calories/Fat
French Fries100g/226/2g75g/230/11g
Chicken Breast100g/130/4g100g/260/13.2g
Chicken Nuggets100g/120/3.6g100g/296/20g
Fish & Chips1 Serving/600/14.5g1 Serving/1087/72g
Onion rings1 Serving/176/10g1 Serving/411/25g

*AF = Air Fryer
*DF = Deep Fryer

*100g = 3.5oz.

There are some abbreviations used in this article, such as AF for air fryer, DF for deep fryer, and 100g for 3.5oz.

It is evident that the air fryer significantly decreases the fat content of nearly all types of food compared to the deep fryer. However, it can still achieve a similar level of crispiness. Although the outer layer may not be as crispy as deep-fried food, it can still yield impressive outcomes.

Does Air-Fried Food Taste As Good As Deep-Fried Food?

The distinct flavor of food cooked in an air fryer can be attributed to the Maillard reaction that occurs when specific carbohydrates and reducing sugars are heated, resulting in a golden brown surface. The hot air circulating inside the appliance dries out the exterior of the food, making it crispy, although not as crunchy as deep-fried items.

Using breading on foods before air frying them can result in a crispy exterior and a moist and tender interior.

Due to the air fryer’s method of using hot air to circulate around its cavity, it is likely that your breadcrumbs will scatter.

Using breadcrumbs in an air fryer can cause a mess and potentially damage the heating element, but dipping foods in egg yolk before coating them with breadcrumbs can be an effective solution to avoid these issues.

Another alternative is to apply a thin layer of oil on the ingredients, which not only enhances the crispiness but also helps in retaining spices and breading. A small amount of oil does not contribute significantly to the calorie count. However, submerging the ingredients in oil can drastically alter the overall nutritional composition of the dish.

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By utilizing spices, adjusting cooking times and temperatures, and experimenting with coatings, the flavor of the food can be significantly altered for the better while still maintaining its overall quality.

How Do Air Fryers Really Work?

When the term “fried” is mentioned, it usually conjures up an image of a chicken piece soaked in oil, appearing golden brown and oozing with grease. This was the conventional method of frying, but things have taken a different turn. Air frying food is vastly different from deep-frying, but what is the mechanism behind air fryers?

Similar to convection ovens, air fryers use hot air to cook ingredients from all sides by circulating it through the chamber. The fryer has a fan and a heating element that heats the air around it and blows it onto the food inside.

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The air fryer ensures even cooking by constantly circulating the food back to the heating element with the help of a fan, and its small size allows it to reach maximum temperature in just 2-3 minutes.

Each instance the air fryer directs hot air towards the food, it dehydrates the exterior slightly, ultimately resulting in a crunchy outer layer.

Placing food in an air fryer won’t be effective since it hinders the air from touching all sides of the food. Even though it works, you would have to shake the basket periodically to guarantee that all sides are exposed.

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