The 21 Best Air Fryer Accessories To Make Your Life Easy

Although air fryers already have a wide range of functions, you can expand their capabilities to some extent with a touch of ingenuity. However, the most effective approach to enhance the air fryer’s abilities is by acquiring a few accessories.

There are a variety of accessories available for air fryers, including those specifically designed for them and others that work well alongside them. Whether you want to increase the air fryer’s cooking space or quickly cut potatoes into ideal french fry shapes, there is an accessory to meet your needs.

If you own an air fryer, you are likely aware of its ease of use when cooking. However, preparing the food can be a time-consuming task. To simplify your life and allow for new cooking techniques, I have compiled a list of 21 best air fryer accessories.

Air Fryer Accessory Kits

One of the most popular air fryer accessories is the starter kit, which typically includes 5-10 items sold together in a package. While there are many different versions available online, most of them contain similar utensils and tools.

When searching for accessory kits, you may encounter those labeled as “universal,” indicating that they can be utilized with various air fryers. Opting for a universal kit could be wise if you intend to upgrade your air fryer in the future, as specific accessories designed for your current air fryer will become obsolete unless you purchase the same model.

With the accessory kit, you can try making air-fried pizzas using the deep-dish pizza pan, which is included and known for its delicious results. Additionally, this versatile pan can be utilized to cook other tasty foods like pancakes, quesadillas, lasagnas, eggs, and snacks.

One of the best air fryer accessories is a cake barrel that has enough space to bake bread, cakes, or other baked goods and guarantees even cooking. Additionally, it comes with a handle for easy removal.

Moreover, the multi-purpose rack is an essential accessory that significantly enhances the air fryer’s functionality by expanding its cooking capacity and providing an additional surface for food placement, which is particularly useful when space is limited. Furthermore, it includes three skewers that are ideal for preparing kabob-style dishes.

Using the rack, you can conveniently cook the skewers and any other side dishes simultaneously.

Included in the set is an additional accessory that offers the air fryer an increased cooking area, which happens to be the metal rack.

To cook two different foods or larger batches in one session, you can place the food you have prepared in the air fryer’s basket and cover it with a metal holder, which acts as a lid, before placing the rest of the food on top of it.

Finally, there is a heat-resistant silicone mat that can be used as a base for placing hot accessories on.

Philips, Cozyna, Power, and GoWISE are the leading brands when it comes to air fryer accessories, which means that the accessories they produce are usually compatible with any model from these three brands. This particular set of accessories is designed to fit most brands as long as the model has a capacity of 3.7 QT or more.

14pcs Air Fryer Accessories Kit with Recipe Cookbook, Air Fryer Liners for Growise Phillips Cozyna Fits All 3.7QT - 6.8QT Air Fryer

as of June 19, 2024 6:59 pm

Parchment Paper Liners

These Air Fryer Accessories are designed to simplify the cleaning process after each use. By using parchment papers as a base for your food, any grease, burnt food, or leftovers will be collected on the paper. Afterward, you can easily remove the parchment paper and wipe the bottom of the air fryer with a paper towel to complete the cleaning process.

Although you can create these using standard baking paper, it is a tedious task that only saves a small amount of money. Alternatively, you can buy a pack of hundreds online, such as the one I have suggested, which is compatible with most air fryers, including larger models. Additionally, this product is safe to use as it is non-toxic, non-stick and does not contain any fluorescent agents.

The air fryer parchment paper is different from regular parchment paper as it has perforations that enable the air to flow through smoothly, which is crucial for the air fryer’s cooking process. Without proper air circulation, the air fryer cannot cook food evenly, making the holes across the parchment paper an essential component.

Air fryer paper liners are capable of withstanding the high temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the maximum limit for most air fryers, and can last for over 25 minutes.

Nevertheless, if you choose to craft your own perforated parchment papers at home, you can discover instructions on how to do it in this article.

100pcs Air Fryer Liners, Vancens 9 inch Bamboo Steamer Liners, Premium Perforated Parchment Paper Sheets, Non-stick Basket Mat, Perfect for 5.3 & 5.8 QT Air Fryers/Steaming/Baking/Cooking

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Cake Pans

Air fryer can be used to bake cakes, which is often overlooked, but it yields excellent results. To achieve success, it’s crucial to have an appropriate cake pan for the air fryer. These pans are available in various shapes and colors and are ideal for preparing cheesecakes, regular cakes, fudge, s’mores, and other baked treats.

The set comprises of three grey pans, ranging from 7″ to 11″ in size, which are non-stick, BPA-free, and nontoxic. These pans can be easily cleaned with warm water and a sponge, and their latch on the side allows for easy release of baked goods after baking.

The pan has the ability to withstand temperatures as high as 445F.

When using small air fryers (1-3QT), cake pans are usually too large, so it’s important to check if your air fryer can accommodate one. However, this set includes three different sizes of cake pans, so you should have no problem finding a suitable fit.

RFAQK 100pcs Cake Pan Set for Baking + Cake Decorating Supplies: 3 Round Non Stick Springform Pan Set (4, 7, 9 inches), Icing Tips, Cake Leveler – Multi-functional Leak-Proof Cheese Cake Pans & eBook

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Cooking Rack

As one of the best air fryer accessories, the cooking rack, which we previously mentioned, is highly favored by me. It significantly expands the cooking area, even in a compact air fryer, making it an excellent supplementary item for this appliance.

Moreover, with the cooking rack, I can simultaneously prepare a burger and french fries. It is crucial to ensure that each piece of meat has enough space while cooking to avoid overlapping. Since the air fryer operates by circulating hot air, all items must be exposed to the flow of hot air.

The cooking rack provides ample space and is accompanied by 4 skewers for kabob-style cooking, while the double-layered design expands the air fryer’s capacity beyond its original size.

One of the most advantageous aspects is that the cooking rack comes at an incredibly affordable price.

Checkered Chef Cooling Rack - Set of 2 Stainless Steel, Oven Safe Grid Wire Cookie Cooling Racks for Baking & Cooking - 8” x 11 ¾"

as of June 19, 2024 6:59 pm

Grill Pan

For those who appreciate the appealing grill rack marks on their barbecued meals, the grill pan is a suitable option. This accessory can be utilized to prepare a variety of meats such as steaks, salmon, chicken, pork, turkey and other dishes. Additionally, it features a wire that facilitates effortless removal after cooking.

One of the best air fryer accessories is the grill pan, which shares the common feature of being easy to clean. Unlike the traditional basket, this high-quality coated pan doesn’t peel easily and is made of FDA-approved non-stick material that’s free from PFOA. Additionally, it’s safe to be washed in a dishwasher.

Instant Vortex Official Nonstick Grill Pan, 2-Piece, Gray

as of June 19, 2024 6:59 pm

Oil Sprayer

The air fryer claims to reduce calories by up to 80% while maintaining the crispy texture of fried food, making it a healthier option. However, oil sprayers that contain propellants or aerosol agents are often used without knowledge of their ingredients and potential health effects.

Unlike regular oil sprayers, air fryer accessories don’t contain any harmful chemicals or propellants, making them a healthier and eco-friendly option for those who prioritize their well-being and the environment. The oil sprayer accessory allows you to use your preferred oil without any limitations.

Remember that oils used in the air fryer should have a smoke point of more than 400.

Moreover, the oil sprayer prevents you from exceeding the desired amount of oil, unlike using a spoon. It dispenses a small quantity of oil with each spray, which helps in reducing calorie intake. These accessories are useful for lightly coating food before air frying, seasoning meals, or dressing salads.

Oil Sprayer for Cooking, Olive Oil Sprayer Mister, 105ml Olive Oil Spray Bottle, Olive Oil Spray for Salad, BBQ, Kitchen Baking, Roasting

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French Fry Cutter

American diet often includes French fries, which are commonly cooked in an air fryer. The french fry cutter allows you to effortlessly cut perfectly sized fries from fresh produce with just one motion.

Using a potato cutter, you can effortlessly create a batch of french fries by placing the potato in the cutter and pressing it through with a lever, and this versatile tool can be used with any food item that fits inside.

After cutting the fries, apply a small amount of oil and sprinkle your preferred seasonings. Once they are cooked, you can relish a serving of nutritious homemade fries.

French Fry Cutter, Sopito Professional Potato Cutter Stainless Steel with 1/2-Inch Blade Great for Potatoes Carrots Cucumbers

as of June 19, 2024 6:59 pm

Instant-read Food Thermometer

Although the air fryer has various presets and functions designed for cooking specific foods, it is beneficial to have an instant-read thermometer when preparing food that does not have a designated preset in the air fryer.

Monitoring the internal temperature is a simple method to ensure that food is neither overcooked nor undercooked, which is crucial for preserving its texture and preventing the formation of harmful compounds that may arise from overcooking, as well as retaining the juicy interior.

With the ability to measure temperatures from -58F to 572F in just 2 seconds, this model boasts a large LCD screen that displays the temperature clearly and brightly, unlike regular non-digital thermometers that can make it difficult to read the temperature from certain angles.

Alpha Grillers Instant Read Meat Thermometer for Grill and Cooking. Best Waterproof Ultra Fast Thermometer with Backlight & Calibration. Digital Food Probe for Kitchen, Outdoor Grilling and BBQ!

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Stainless Steel Tongs

When using an air fryer, tongs are a more convenient tool than a spoon due to the basket’s design requiring a longer utensil.

For air fryer accessories, it is advisable to use stainless steel tongs that have plastic or silicone grips to prevent any damage to the non-stick surface of the components. Additionally, when handling crispy food, it is better to use silicone or plastic grips instead of metal ones.

HOTEC Premium Stainless Steel Locking Kitchen Tongs with Silicon Tips, Set of 2-9" and 12"

as of June 19, 2024 6:59 pm


If you enjoy preparing snacks in the air fryer, the mandoline is an excellent accessory to have as it allows for precise cutting of chips made from potatoes, sweet potatoes, zucchini, or any other vegetable.

Ensuring uniformity in chip size is crucial to achieving the perfect crisp, as chips of different sizes will require varying cooking times. By using a mandoline, you can slice them thinly like store-bought chips and then season with your preferred herbs and spices after adding a small amount of oil.

Just like that, you now have a tasty assortment of homemade snacks.

The mandoline is capable of slicing most vegetables and fruits quickly. By pressing the food against the grip and dragging it back and forth, each motion produces a uniformly sized slice. Fortunately, the grip ensures that your fingers are not involved in the process.

With five distinct razor-sharp blades, this version offers limitless options and a two-year warranty.

Regularly utilizing the mandoline for creating onion rings, apple slices, and chips, it is important to note that this versatile tool has the potential for even more culinary possibilities if one exercises their creativity.

Mandoline Slicer for Kitchen, Adjustable Stainless Steel Food Vegetable Potato Onion Slicer French Fry Cutter, Slicer Julienne with Cut-Resistant Gloves

as of June 19, 2024 6:59 pm


Ramekins are a great choice for preparing smaller portions of soup, muffins, cake, mini-lasagnas, souffle, and other recipes that require single servings due to their smaller size.

The ramekin‘s unique design produces an attractive pattern on any dessert it cooks, making it particularly advantageous for baking cakes and other sweet treats.

The ramekin is versatile and can serve as a dish for olives, dipping sauce, toppings, or tapas, and its compact size makes it suitable for use with the air fryer.

DOWAN 4 oz Ramekins - Ramekins for Creme Brulee Porcelain Ramekins Oven Safe, Classic Style Ramekins for Baking Souffle Ramekins Bowls, Set of 6, White

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Bundt Pans

When it comes to creating visually appealing cakes, bundt pans are the preferred choice as they provide a distinctive shape to the cake. The 6-cup bundt pan has an 8.5″ diameter, making it suitable for medium-large air fryers and instant cookers.

The aluminum material ensures even heat distribution for proper cake preparation, while the non-stick surface simplifies the cleaning process.

Nordic Ware Formed Bundt Pan, 6-Cup, Navy

as of June 19, 2024 6:59 pm

Silicone Baking Cups

The set comprises of 18 silicone baking cups available in three different sizes and six distinct colors. These non-stick, eco-friendly cups are devoid of BPA, PVC, and phthalate. Moreover, they do not contain any chemical coatings or fillers.

Silicone baking cups can be a valuable accessory for your air fryer, particularly when preparing bread, muffins, cupcakes, eggs, candy, and other items. The entire set is capable of withstanding high temperatures up to 500F, which is higher than the air fryer’s maximum limit of 400F.

The manufacturers of these cups have developed OptiBake technology to guarantee that all ingredients placed in the dish are cooked perfectly.

Pantry Elements Platinum Silicone Baking Cups Bento Bundle Variety Pack, Lunch Box Dividers, 18-Pack

as of June 19, 2024 6:59 pm

Silicone Baking Tray

The tray is capable of withstanding the high temperature of the air fryer and has versatile uses beyond baking, making it a suitable alternative for kitchens with limited storage space.

Although there are numerous variations available online, this particular model has dimensions of 10.63″ x 7.08″ and is equipped with six molds that can be used for preparing muffins, eggs, mini-pizzas, cakes, and other dishes.

Silicone Muffin Pan, European LFGB Silicone Cupcake Baking Pan, 6 Cup Muffin, Non-Stick Muffin Tray, Egg Muffin Pan, Food Grade Muffin Molds, BPA Free Muffin Tins Red

as of June 19, 2024 6:59 pm

Hasselback Potato Slicing Rack

Save time in the kitchen when preparing potatoes with the hasselback potato slicing rack, which allows you to effortlessly create flawless hasselback-style potatoes in a matter of minutes.

Using the rack, secure the potato with its metal spikes and then, using a knife, slice along the rack’s openings to create a hasselback potato that looks like it was made in a restaurant.

Stuff your preferred ingredients into the slices of a potato and cook it in the air fryer, then add a sauce on top after removing it from the air fryer for a delectable experience.

Charcoal Companion CC2031 Hasselback Potato Slicing Rack - Bake or Grill Delicious Potatoes In Your Kitchen or BBQ

as of June 19, 2024 6:59 pm

Meat Tenderizer

One of the best air fryer accessories is a meat tenderizer, which has 48 stainless steel blades that can pierce the food’s skin to allow the marinade to be absorbed by the meat. This tool can also decrease cooking time by up to 40% in certain situations. As a result of the marinade flowing through the tiny channels in the meat, it will be extremely succulent and tender when cooked.

Ccfoud offers a top-notch meat tenderizer that features durable blades, which can easily pierce through various types of food with minimal exertion. The device’s safety mechanism ensures that the blades will only activate when firmly pressed against the food, preventing any accidental injuries.

The meat tenderizer is a useful tool that I would suggest to everyone, regardless of whether they are an air fryer fan or not.

When using an air fryer for cooking, it is preferable to marinate chicken, meat, and fish fillets beforehand. Although the air fryer is not suitable for wet batters, utilizing parchment papers and a meat tenderizer can assist in marinating any food item cooked in the air fryer and produce exceptional outcomes.

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Air Fryer Divider

The air fryer divider is a helpful accessory that can divide the air fryer’s basket into two compartments, allowing you to cook two different foods or portions simultaneously. It is especially useful when cooking meat that should not overlap or be in contact with each other to ensure even cooking.

The divider is an excellent accessory for simultaneous cooking of meat and sides, such as chicken and french fries or roasted potatoes, as it prevents the fries or potatoes from stacking on top of the chicken, which would hinder its thorough cooking.

This particular design is suitable for air fryers in the XL category and can be used with any 9-inch air fryer basket as well as the majority of 5-liter air fryers.

VeranCo Air Fryer Silicone Liner Pot - Reusable Silicone Air Fryer Basket Liners-Collapsible Round Silicone Air Fryer Tray with Divider Insert, Gloves, Tongs and Oil Brush - 5 QT or Bigger

as of June 19, 2024 6:59 pm

Air Fryer Cooking Times Sheet

Air fryer cooking instructions are not provided on packages, unlike those for microwave and traditional ovens, requiring the conversion of original recipes into air fryer-friendly ones, which can be challenging for beginners.

The cooking sheet provides information on the cooking times and temperatures for 66 frequently cooked foods in the air fryer, making it easier to learn how to use the air fryer.

With magnetic edges, this sheet can easily be attached to your refrigerator, making it a worthwhile investment for novice and experienced air fryer enthusiasts alike.

Air Fryer Magnetic Cheat Sheet Cookbook Cooker Accessories Magnet Cooking Times Chart Quick Reference Guide for 66 Common Prep Functions

as of June 19, 2024 6:59 pm

Vegetable Chopper

Vegetable choppers can significantly reduce preparation times, similar to a mandoline. With just one motion, these choppers can transform any vegetable into small cubes, stripes, slices, and more. Simply place the fruit or vegetable on the chopper, fold the lid, and apply pressure (as if performing CPR) until it has been chopped into pieces.

The chopper has a removable compartment for collecting ingredients and is equipped with 11 blades that can perform various tasks such as mincing, cutting, dicing, chopping, slicing, and more.

Every blade is constructed from stainless steel and possesses enough sharpness to slice through vegetables with ease. Additionally, each part can be detached for easy cleaning.

Zalik’s product, which includes 11 add-ons, is of high quality and comes with a lifetime warranty, providing great benefits to the user.

Fullstar Vegetable Chopper - Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer - Onion Chopper with Container - Pro Food Chopper - Black Slicer Dicer Cutter - 4 Blades

as of June 19, 2024 6:59 pm

Air Fryer Cookbook

If you’re new to using an air fryer, you might not know how to fully utilize its capabilities. To remedy this, a cookbook can serve as a useful tool to introduce you to the various possibilities of cooking with an air fryer.

While some cookbooks cover popular dishes, others cater to specific dietary needs.

When I began my cooking journey, I found this cookbook to be a great source of daily inspiration and continue to use it frequently, although now I have memorized the recipes and simply recall them from memory instead of referring back to the book.

The book that accompanies the air fryer includes 550 recipes, and while I haven’t committed all of them to memory, I have memorized the ones that immediately caught my attention. Despite its affordable cost, this book provides excellent worth for those who frequently use an air fryer.

Air Fryer Cookbook: 600 Effortless Air Fryer Recipes for Beginners and Advanced Users

as of June 19, 2024 6:59 pm

Silicone Oven Mitts

Air fryer mitts are essential to protect your hands from the high temperatures of the basket during cooking, especially when you need to shake or stir it halfway through for an even cook.

Windspeed Silicone Pot Holder Oven Mitt,Cooking Finger Protector Pinch Grips-Heat Resistant, 2 Pairs(Blue+Green)

as of June 19, 2024 6:59 pm

What Are Air Fryer Accessories Used For?

Without examining each accessory individually, it’s difficult to determine their specific functions. However, in general, air fryer accessories enhance the capabilities and convenience of the appliance. By utilizing an accessory kit, you can expand your cooking options with the air fryer. Furthermore, certain accessories like the mandoline and french fry cutter can greatly simplify your life.

One of the advantages of utilizing an air fryer is its ability to quickly cook meals with minimal effort. By incorporating accessories that streamline the food preparation process, cooking times can be further reduced.

While not all air fryer accessories are necessary, a few of them can be extremely advantageous for frequent air fryer users.

Essentially, accessories allow you to broaden your cooking options and maximize the capabilities of your air fryer.

Best Complementary Appliance

Having a pressure cooker alongside an air fryer is ideal as they complement each other well, allowing you to have mastery over both cooking methods.

By utilizing a heating element and mechanical fan, the air fryer distributes hot air throughout its chamber, resulting in “The Maillard Reaction,” which is a chemical reaction between specific amino acids and sugars that produces a distinctive taste and texture unique to convection ovens and air fryers.

Although the pressure cooker operates on a distinct principle from the air fryer, it performs exceptionally well and is actually faster than the air fryer due to the pressure buildup in its container.

Pressure cookers require a full container of liquid, typically water, along with all the ingredients before being completely sealed shut; once turned on, the heating element inside the cooker will begin to heat up the container.

As soon as the boiling process begins, steam is generated, but due to the sealed container of pressure cookers, the steam cannot escape and generates excessive pressure that penetrates the food with heat, resulting in faster cooking than other conventional methods.

Curious? Check out this piece that explains the distinctions between the two appliances and what they can be used for, separately.

Related Questions

Is it possible to use silicone in an air fryer? Absolutely, you can utilize silicone molds and forms while cooking in the air fryer. Any oven-safe dish can be used in an air fryer. To simplify cleaning, spray the mold with non-stick cooking spray before filling it when using silicone.

Is it safe to use paper muffin cups in an air fryer? It is not recommended to use paper muffin cups when making muffins in the air fryer. Instead, opt for silicone muffin cups as they are considered safe to use with this appliance.

Is it possible to utilize glass bowls in an air fryer? If the glass is suitable for use in a microwave or oven, then it is also safe to use in an air fryer.

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