Can You Use an Air Fryer In RV, Caravan, or Camper?

If you’re planning a summer adventure in a camper, caravan, or recreational vehicle, you might be wondering how to pack light while still maintaining basic comforts, such as enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning or cooking a full meal instead of relying on processed foods throughout the trip.

To solve the problem of not being able to pack a full oven, one solution is to use the ever-popular air fryer, a countertop appliance that has gained significant popularity in recent years.

Although the air fryer is typically used in the kitchen as a countertop appliance, many adventurers are curious if it can also be used in an RV, caravan, or camper.

It is possible to use an air fryer in an RV, caravan, or camper, but it’s crucial to ensure that the amperage in your circuit breaker can handle running the air fryer along with other appliances; otherwise, you risk tripping the circuit breaker. Generally, an amperage of 30-50 should be sufficient, although the exact requirement will depend on the number of appliances running simultaneously.

This article aims to provide guidance on using a compact air fryer in your recreational vehicle, including the best air fryer options and whether it can replace a microwave.

How Many Amps Does an Air Fryer Pull?

Although air fryer advertising often specifies the required wattage, it typically doesn’t mention how many amps the appliance will draw when in use, which depends on several factors.

One key factor is the type of battery or power system being used. In a household setting, a 120-volt system is typically available, whereas in a camper, a 12-volt system or similar is used since caravans require less power to operate all appliances.

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To provide more information, here’s a breakdown of the most common air fryer wattage levels and their corresponding amperage when used with a 12-volt system.

● 900 watts = 75 amps.

● 1000 watts = 83.3 amps.

● 1200 watts = 100 amps.

● 1500 watts = 125 amps.

● 1700 watts = 141.6 amps.

● 1800 watts = 150 amps.

Why Do You Need to Know How Many Amps an Air Fryer Pulls?

It’s crucial to determine how many amps your air fryer will draw, as using too many amps while running other appliances such as the air conditioning and fridge can drain your battery.

The standard caravan battery setup consists of two 120-amp batteries and two 150-watt solar panels, along with a 40-amp AC caravan battery charger. This configuration allows you to operate all basic 12-volt appliances using the battery system while also having the option to recharge your caravan battery through the primary 240-volt power connected to your caravan.

If your caravan lacks a 240-volt main power source (which is present in all caravans except custom-built campers), your batteries will deplete throughout the day since your solar panels won’t generate enough power to run 12-volt appliances while also charging the caravan battery, and using an air fryer for just 30 minutes would exacerbate this issue.

Even with consecutive sunny days, your recreational vehicle will run out of power, particularly if there are cloudy days or no access to an alternative charging source.

To determine whether you can use an air fryer, you must calculate the amps that your camper requires to power its basic necessities over a 24-hour period.

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Understanding Your Caravan’s 240 and 12 Volt Systems

Your caravan, camper, or recreational vehicle typically has two systems in place: a 240-volt main system and a 12-volt system for low-wattage appliances.

  • The 240-volt system provides power to all of your larger appliances, such as the fridge, television, hair dryer, microwave, kettle, and air conditioner. It serves as your vehicle’s primary power source, recharges your batteries, and ensures that you always have power for driving. When you connect to a caravan site, you utilize your 240-volt system.
  • The 12-volt system operates small appliances such as the water pump and strip lighting, drawing power from an onboard battery that enables you to use these appliances even when the main power is out. The 12-volt system batteries are charged via the main electricity through a multi-stage charger or solar panels.

How to Calculate Your Camper/RV/Caravan’s Power Needs Based on 12 Volt System

Your 12 Volt System:

LED Lights (0.5 amps/h)
Water Pump/Tank Monitoring (0.5amps/h)
Refrigeration (1-5amps/h Small-Large)
TV/Laptops/Radio/Speakers (0.5 amps/h)
Power Outlets (0.5 amps/h)
Hairdryers (20-50amps/h)
Kettles (20-50 amps/h)
Microwaves/Washing Machines (20-50 amps/h)
Air Conditioning/Heating (60 amps/h)

To operate a compact air fryer with a power rating of 1,000 watts in your recreational vehicle without tripping the circuit breaker, you need at least 50 available amps, although the exact requirement will depend on the number of appliances in use.

Personally, I recommend opting for a higher amperage to err on the side of caution.

If the amount of amperage being used by your caravan exceeds the available power, it will deplete your power sources. In such cases, you may need to turn off your air conditioning, heating, or television when using the air fryer.

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What’s the Best Air Fryer for an RV or Camper?

If your vehicle primarily operates on a 12-volt system, it’s best to select a compact air fryer because they typically consume less wattage, resulting in lower amperage requirements when in use.

Here are three awesome picks.

Can An Air Fryer Replace a Microwave in a Camper?

If you seldom use a microwave, it may be possible to do without it, but for most people, the answer is no, an air fryer cannot replace a conventional microwave. This is because an air fryer cannot replicate the speed and convenience of a microwave oven.

Furthermore, it’s not recommended to use an air fryer to heat up liquids or reheat food, making it an unsuitable alternative to the microwave.

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