Air Fryer Vs Deep Fryer: Calorie Comparison (Chart Included)

Upon learning about air frying, I became intrigued and eager to try it out, particularly because I was adhering to a strict diet at the time. The concept of a kitchen appliance that could “fry” food without the use of oil piqued my interest when a friend introduced me to it.

After conducting research that lasted for a week, I ultimately made the decision to buy an Air Fryer for myself.

This article contains:

  • Comparison Chart of Calories (Air Fryer vs Deep Fryer)
  • The Contrast Between the Two Devices
  • Pros & Cons
  • …further details on both options!

Air Fryer Vs Deep Fryer Calorie Comparison Chart

IngredientAir Fryer CaloriesDeep Fryer Calories
French Fries176 Per Serving471 Per Serving
Chicken Nuggets200 Per Serving320 Per Serving
Chicken Breast163 Per Serving247 Per Serving
Falafel216 Per Serving317 Per Serving
Jalapeno Poppers104 Per Serving355 Per Serving
Onion Rings172 Per Serving275 Per Serving
Chicken Wings270 Per Serving531 Per Serving
Mozzarella Sticks48 Per Serving315 Per Serving
Potatoes166 Per Serving370 Per Serving
Chips75 Per Serving179 Per Serving
Lean Fish90 Per Serving368 Per Serving
Pork Chop215 Per Serving300 Per Serving
Tater Tots50 Per Serving219 Per Serving

It is important to note that the serving sizes of different recipes may differ. However, utilizing this chart as a basic reference can provide an estimate of the number of calories added by deep-frying food.

When it comes to calorie density, air-fried food can be just as high as deep-fried food, but the key difference is that with an air fryer, you have the option to omit oil and still achieve excellent results.

While the addition of oil in the deep fryer produces a crispy texture, it also increases the calorie count. On the other hand, the air fryer offers several healthier options that are comparable to deep-fried foods.

Due to the fact that deep frying involves immersing food in hot oil, your choices are restricted and there is no avoiding the additional calories.

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Can an Air Fryer Replace a Deep Fryer?

Definitely, your air fryer has the capability to perform all the functions of your deep fryer, and even more. However, if you anticipate that your air fryer will produce the same level of crunchiness as your deep fryer, then you need to adjust your expectations slightly instead of lowering them.

The deep fryer produces a rich and crunchy exterior in a short amount of time. On the other hand, the air fryer can make food that is crisp, but it does not have the same flavor and appearance as deep fried dishes.

Although there is a noticeable difference in texture between air-fried chicken and deep-fried chicken, it does not imply that air-fried food is not enjoyable or impressive. In fact, there are variations in taste, texture, and appearance between the two methods of cooking.

Switching from a deep fryer to an air fryer can be advantageous for many households, as it offers a more versatile and healthier option (at least in terms of providing healthier solutions than the deep fryer does).

What’s the Difference Between an Air Fryer And a Deep Fryer?

  • Oil Use: Deep fryers necessitate the use of a considerable amount of oil for frying food, while air fryers do not. The Maillard reaction is responsible for giving the food its distinctive taste and look. To learn more about this, read “How does an air fryer work?”
  • Price: Air fryers are more costly than deep fryers. They remain popular and the market has no incentive to reduce the price. However, brands like Philips aren’t the only ones who can manufacture high-quality air fryers. My top pick is the Cosori air fryer which is very reasonable. I reviewed the Cosori air fryer – take a look.
  • Versatility: In terms of versatility, air fryers outperform deep fryers since they can roast, bake, fry, and grill food, whereas deep fryers are limited to frying only.
  • Cooking Time: While the deep fryer can quickly fry food in just a couple of minutes, the air fryer takes around 2-3 minutes to heat up and typically runs for 20-30 minutes per cycle, making it a slower option but still faster than several other cooking methods.
  • Cooking Capacity: Air fryers and deep fryers are available in various sizes, but typically air fryers have a smaller footprint compared to deep fryers.
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Is an Air Fryer Healthier Than a Deep Fryer?

Air Fryer Vs Deep Fryer: It’s challenging to claim an appliance is “healthy” on its own, as the ingredients and cooking methods used in conjunction with the appliance determine the healthiness of the final product.

The reason why the deep fryer is considered a less healthy option is due to its limited range of cooking options. All food cooked in the deep fryer requires immersion in oil, which contains high amounts of calories and fats. The primary function of deep fryers is to fry food in oil.

Air fryers function similarly to convection ovens and offer greater flexibility. Users have increased autonomy and can choose to exclude oil entirely or incorporate oil and other components as desired.

Several air fryer dishes require a small amount of oil, typically only a teaspoon or tablespoon, which is significantly less (30-50 times) than what many deep fryer recipes call for.

Okay, let’s examine further to determine the health advantages that the air fryer offers over the deep fryer.

  • Reduced calorie intake: Regardless of what you’re preparing, it’s highly likely that fewer calories will be consumed. Oil is high in calories, and the quantity of oil absorbed by the food and crust during deep-frying significantly increases the calorie count. This is not the case with an air fryer.
  • Decreased production of hazardous substances: Air fryers can decrease the formation of potentially dangerous compounds, such as acrylamide, up to 90% less than deep fryers.
  • Reduced fat: By using less oil, you can reduce your fat intake. Research has indicated that consuming high amounts of fat may be linked to heart disease and inflammatory ailments. Transitioning from a deep fryer to an air fryer will help decrease your consumption of trans-fat.
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Additional minor details regarding the air fryer are:

  • Using an air fryer to cook vegetables and snacks can be a healthy option for both children and adults, as it has been effective in increasing the appeal of greens to kids who previously did not enjoy them.
  • The absence of greasy odor is a characteristic feature of the air fryer.

Do Air Fryers Reduce Calories?

To gain a better understanding of this, I suggest you take a closer look at my article “Do air fryers add or reduce calories?

Whether an air fryer or a deep fryer is better for calorie-conscious individuals depends on various factors. However, when compared to a deep fryer, using an air fryer will generally result in meals with fewer calories regardless of the food being cooked.

Can You Deep Fry In an Air Fryer?

The air fryer cannot handle wet batters or liquids like the deep fryer, which means that traditional deep-frying is not possible with the air fryer.

The air fryer operates by circulating hot air and directing it towards the food, using a heating element and fan located inside its cavity to dry and cook the ingredients.

Typically, utilizing wet batters to enhance crispiness is not a common practice in air fryers due to their operational mechanism, which could cause the batter to splatter and create a mess; however, it may be possible with an extremely thick batter.

Therefore, the response to the inquiry is negative, as an air fryer is incapable of deep frying food and can only perform air frying.

How Do I Make Sense Of All This?

When comparing Air Fryer Vs Deep Fryer, the former is a more health-conscious choice as it does not increase calorie intake, reduces trans-fat content, prevents the formation of harmful compounds, and provides flexibility in cooking food according to personal preferences.

Although the air fryer may be pricier than the deep fryer at first, it ultimately proves to be more cost-effective since there is no requirement to buy oil, resulting in savings over time.

For those who desire to reduce calorie intake and have a fondness for fried foods, an air fryer can be an ideal appliance to achieve this goal.

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