Why Is My Deep Fryer Smoking?

For individuals who have a fondness for fried food, owning a deep fryer can be an enjoyable experience as it allows for quick and delicious cooking. This is particularly true for those who, like myself, have a strong affinity for this type of cuisine.

However, when using a deep fryer, you may encounter a problem of smoke emission during cooking, which can fill your house with smoke.

If you’re wondering why your deep fryer is smoking, it’s because of the combination of heated oil and water that escapes from the food being cooked. As the oil and pan heat up, they also heat up the water in the food, which then produces smoke due to the formation of compounds. It’s important to note that using oils with low heat points, such as olive oil, for frying can be dangerous.

In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind smoking in your deep fryer and provide you with preventive measures to avoid it. Furthermore, we will discuss some extra tips that can assist you in eradicating smoke from your fryer in the future.

By reading this article, you can acquire essential knowledge to resolve issues with your deep fryer.

What’s With All The Smoke from My Fryer?

When the oil reaches its smoke point, it will produce more smoke. Different oils have different smoke points. Generally, they range from 410°F to 450°F. You can find more information about the smoke points of various oils here.

Olive oil has a low heat point, making it unsuitable for frying, and it is recommended to use peanut, canola, or sesame oil instead for frying food.

Insufficient air circulation in your kitchen. Installing an exhaust vent above your stove can help reduce the amount of smoke produced by your deep fryer. If the weather permits, opening a window can also assist in clearing out some of the smoke from the area.

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By doing this, you can regulate the smoke level and reduce the amount of smoke that may occur during your cooking process.

Excess smoke can be caused by using an excessive amount of oil. It is recommended to apply the oil only on the food instead of filling up the entire deep fryer.

Reducing the amount of oil to the necessary level can improve your frying experience by preventing excess oil from burning and producing more smoke.

Excessive temperature can cause the oil to burn and produce smoke while deep-frying, which is a crucial aspect that can either enhance or ruin your dish; if it’s too hot, your food may get burnt.

If the temperature is too low, your food may not cook properly, while excessive heat can lead to smoking in your deep fryer.

What to Do to Prevent Your Deep Fryer from Smoking

Select the appropriate oil for deep frying. To ensure proper frying of different foods, it is essential to choose an oil with a comparable heat threshold to prevent burning and spoiling your food.

By doing this, the fryer will produce less smoke during the cooking process.

Make sure to switch off your deep fryer when it is not being used, as leaving it on can result in the machine parts remaining heated and causing the oil to overheat, leading to burning or smoke filling up your room.

It is important to ensure that you disconnect or switch off your deep fryer when it is not in use to prevent the components from overheating and allow for natural heating during subsequent use.

Make sure to clean the oil after use as contaminated oil can lead to smoking while deep frying food. Therefore, it is essential to remove all the oil from the fryer once you are done using it.

If you intend to reuse the oil, strain out any food particles and ensure that it has not been used for an extended period. Additionally, it is crucial to clean the vessel and machine components thoroughly to eliminate any residual oil.

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To prevent smoking from your deep fryer, it is advisable to filter the oil while it’s cool before reusing it. Smoke can fill up your kitchen due to food particles in reused oil. Filtering the oil when it’s heated won’t be as effective as doing so when it’s cool.

Reducing the mixing can be helpful in decreasing the smoking that occurs in your deep fryer.

How Do I Know What The Problem Is?

Inspect the temperature of your appliance. Just like cooking, excessive heat in the oil can lead to smoking; similarly, if your appliance is too hot, it can also cause smoking. To avoid this, ensure that you do not let your machine overheat and leave it unsupervised.

It is important to monitor the deep fryer and utilize it promptly once it reaches the appropriate temperature.

Regularly clean your fryer’s materials to avoid any contamination of oil or food that can lead to smoking or burning, ensuring that everything is not only clean but also dry.

When cooking, the combination of dirty materials and water can lead to increased smoking due to foaming.

It is important to monitor the food being fried. The hue of the food during frying can indicate its level of doneness. Ideally, a golden-brown color is desired when frying.

If you leave your food for too long in the deep fryer, it can change its color to black and produce smoke, so it’s important to monitor your food closely to avoid smoking that is not needed.

Be mindful of your oil as leaving your deep fryer unattended can lead to smoking issues. Even if you plan to check on it soon, food can cook and burn faster than expected.

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Make sure to keep an eye on and monitor the food you are frying, otherwise, your kitchen will quickly become filled with smoke.

Any Tips I Should Know About Fryer Smoke?

Ensure to utilize the appropriate type of thermometer for examining the temperature of the oil. It is crucial to use a glass candy thermometer instead of a meat thermometer to accurately supervise hot oil.

To avoid smoking while cooking your food, it is recommended to maintain the temperature of the oil in your deep fryer between 350-375℉ at its maximum.

Inhaling smoking oils can be harmful to your health, and although it may be an inconvenience, it can also pose a danger.

When deep frying, the oils used can contain compounds that mix with the food being cooked, which can be difficult for the body to break down and may result in ingestion of these compounds.

To avoid smoking, it is important not to heat the oil too quickly when using a deep fryer. Rapid heating of the oil by pouring it over a very hot fryer can cause unexpected smoking.

It is advisable to allow the oil to heat up slowly instead of hurrying it, as this will reduce smoking and enhance the nutritional value of the food.


We have previously addressed the reasons behind the smoking of your deep fryer during cooking and provided preventive measures to avoid it. Additionally, we have discussed different methods and suggestions for deep frying.

Additionally, here are some further suggestions to keep in mind as you work towards avoiding any further smoking while deep frying.

It is expected that this article has provided useful information, and you will enjoy your deep-frying endeavor.

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