Why Is My Air Fryer Not Heating Up?

Although air fryers are known for their convenience, popularity, and user-friendliness, they are still a mechanical device with components that can malfunction, requiring occasional troubleshooting.

Although certain brands may encounter more issues than others, most problems can be resolved by referring to the user manual or verifying the appliance during operation.

A frequent issue that numerous air fryer users encounter is the lack of heat in their air fryer, leading them to ask, “Why is my air fryer not heating up?”

Typically, the heating element is the culprit when air fryers fail to heat up, but there are other factors that can contribute to this issue, such as:

  • Failure to adjust the temperature could be the reason why your air fryer is not heating up.
  • Failure to set the cooking time can cause your air fryer not to heat up properly.
  • The set temperature is too low.
  • If the door is obstructed or not securely shut, it may cause the air fryer to not heat up.
  • The heating element may not be receiving power due to a connection issue with the power source.

This article contains information that may be specific to your air fryer as the author has researched multiple brands.

Can You Overheat an Air Fryer?

Although air fryers may appear straightforward to operate, it can be quite effortless to commit errors during usage if you lack knowledge of its functioning or fail to follow the user manual.

Not catching these errors in time can lead to overheating or even fire hazards with your air fryer. To prevent this, it is important to avoid the following actions.

Overfilling Your Air Fryer With Food.

It is important to avoid overfilling the air fryer basket with food. If you exceed the maximum fill line, it can reduce the space between the heater and fan, potentially leading to a fire or causing your appliance to heat up too quickly. To prevent this, make sure to not stack food too high in the basket.

Filling the Basket with Oil/Other Liquids. 

One common error that can lead to air fryer malfunction is adding oil to the basket separately from the food ingredients, which may result in overheating or even fire hazards.

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To ensure that your Air Fryer is heating up correctly, begin by combining the recipe’s suggested amount of oil with your food ingredients. Then, place the mixture into the air fryer basket. Avoid using any other type of liquid in the basket.

Placing Items on Top of the Air Fryer.

Although it may seem unlikely, if you put objects on top of your air fryer, it can overheat due to the blocked inlet air intake that restricts airflow into the unit, resulting in insufficient air circulation and overheating.

Blocking the Air Outlet.

Just like the previous point, obstructing the air outlet can result in the retention of heated air inside the air fryer, leading to overheating.

It is important to ensure that there is a minimum of five inches of space above, behind, and on both sides of your air fryer to avoid obstructing the air outlet.

Using the Air Fryer for an Extended Period of Time.

Typically, air fryers designed for home use lack the commercial-grade quality, durability, and performance necessary to endure prolonged usage.

Extended use of an air fryer for more than 60-120 minutes can lead to overheating of its internal components, which can be avoided by preheating the device before placing food in it.

What Else Can Cause My Air Fryer To Stop Working?

Although overheating can be the reason for your air fryer to turn off or cease functioning altogether, there are several other problems that could be responsible.

Check Your Power Supply.

Many times, air fryers may turn on but fail to function properly due to faulty electrical wiring, resulting in improper heating.

To address the issue of an air fryer not heating up, it is important to ensure that it is correctly plugged in and has sufficient ventilation, verify that the timer is functioning correctly, and check for any problems with the circuit breaker.

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A Damaged Electrical Cord. 

If there is any damage to the electrical cord that links your air fryer to the power source, it could be the reason why your air fryer is not functioning properly.

A Damaged Heating Element.

If there is any damage to the heating element of your air fryer, it will not function correctly and fail to heat up as required.

Consult our helpful guide to determine why your Air Fryer isn’t heating up.

Common Air Fryer Brands That May Have Issues With Heating Up.

Due to the comparable structure of most air fryer brands, it is probable that they will encounter similar issues occasionally.

Many people have experienced the issue of air fryers not heating up.

Nuwave Air Fryers

  • Reasons for Nuwave Air Fryer Not Heating Up. In case of a power outage, temperature malfunction, or faulty outlet, the NuWave air fryer may encounter problems with heating up.
  • Power failure. If your NuWave air fryer is not heating up, it could be due to power problems caused by sharing an outlet with other energy-consuming devices. To troubleshoot this issue, try unplugging those appliances and connecting the air fryer to a different outlet.
  • Incorrect temperature settings may cause your air fryer to malfunction. If the cooking level on the digital pad is not set correctly, the oven will not perform as expected. To verify the power level, press the power button and reset it by selecting zero on the display panel.
  • Malfunctioning socket. Ensure that your socket is functioning correctly and receiving electricity. If the socket is operational, it could indicate that your air fryer is not working and needs to be substituted.

Chefman Air Fryers

  • Reasons for Chefman Air Fryer Not Heating Up. If there are issues with the power source, the Chefman air fryer may have trouble heating up. This can include a variety of problems.
  • Defective power adapter. Ensure that the power adapter is correctly connected to the power outlet and there are no problems with the electrical cord. If the air fryer fails to turn on and heat up, you may need to buy a new adapter.
  • Power outlet incompatibility may be the reason why your air fryer is not heating up; if the power adapter does not fit into your outlet or has different-sized prongs, you will need to obtain a suitable adapter.
  • Power outlet not functioning. It is possible that your power outlet is not receiving electricity or has a faulty wire, so make sure to verify its functionality.
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Philips Air Fryer

  • Reasons for Philips Airfryer Not Heating Up. If your Philips Airfryer is not heating up, there could be three possible reasons behind it.
  • If you haven’t set the cooking time, your Philips Airfryer won’t heat up. It’s important to check if you have forgotten to set the time and ensure that it is properly set to see if this resolves the issue.
  • Low temperature setting could be the reason why your air fryer is not heating up. It’s important to verify the cooking temperature and ensure it’s not set too low, such as 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 Celsius), which may give the impression that the air fryer is not heating up, especially if the kitchen environment is also at a similar temperature.
  • There may be an issue with the heating element if you have set the temperature well above 104 degrees Fahrenheit and your Philips Airfryer is still not heating up despite setting the cooking timer.

Faberware Air Fryer

  • Faberware Air Fryer Not Heating Up. Ensure that the knobs are set to the right temperature and functioning correctly. Additionally, make sure that the air fryer is plugged into a working power outlet. If the heating coil does not turn red when the air fryer is switched on, there may be an issue with the connection between the heating element and electricity source.

It is important to check for the same issues mentioned above before replacing your Power Air Fryer brand unit.

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