Can You Use An Air Fryer Without The Basket (What Alternatives Can You Use?)

Although the air fryer basket is a handy tool, its size can be a hindrance for some air fryers. By eliminating the basket and substituting it with a smaller alternative, you may be able to accommodate more food or even prepare dishes that necessitate specific equipment, such as cupcakes.

Hence, it is necessary to ask the question.

It is possible to operate an air fryer without the basket, but it is not recommended to place food directly on the base as it can create a mess. However, one can use a pan or any other accessory that is suitable for a conventional oven or microwave. Additionally, there are specialized accessories available for air fryers that provide more cooking options.

Although some air fryers have a safety feature that prevents them from starting unless the basket is correctly positioned, taking out the basket will inevitably be considered as “incorrect placement” and prevent the air fryer from functioning.

Regular users of an air fryer may have observed the limited capacity of most models, with a typical interior size ranging from 6-7 inches.

Although the basket of an air fryer can take up a considerable amount of space, it is usually not an issue since it can be filled. However, if you decide to eliminate the basket, you will have more room for cooking, but you will still require another heat-resistant container to replace it.

What Can I Use Instead Of The Air Fryer Basket

If your air fryer is large enough, it may be possible to place a pan inside as long as the pan does not have a handle, which could make it too big for the cavity space of the air fryer.

Is there a substitute for an air fryer basket?

  • Tray
  • Grill/Cooking Rack
  • Baking Tin
  • Baking Pan For Air Fryer
  • Using an Instant Pot as an alternative to an air fryer
  • Springform Pan
  • Aluminum Pan
  • Grill Pan

As long as they are ovenproof and made of glass, ceramic, metal, or silicone, your air fryer can accommodate various types of tins and cooking molds.

When opting for a different container than the air fryer basket, it is crucial to keep in mind that the selected tin must have some room on both sides of the air fryer cavity.

The purpose of this is to guarantee that the circulation of air can flow through and prepare the food evenly on every side.

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Can You Use an Air Fryer Without the Crisper Tray?

The crisper tray, resembling the base of the air fryer basket, is a slim mesh-like dish intended to support and slightly elevate food in the air fryer for more uniform cooking; however, unlike the basket, it lacks a rim.

While some air fryer models have a basket/crisper tray combination, others only come with crisper trays and still have an outer basket, unless they are designed like mini-ovens.

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Air fryers with a circular shape typically come equipped with baskets, whereas air fryers that are square and function as mini-ovens usually have trays instead.

If you don’t have a crisper tray, it’s possible to use an air fryer without it, but you’ll need to find a replacement that will prevent the food from being placed at the bottom of the fryer where it won’t be exposed to the circulating air from underneath.

Not using the crisper tray may lead to additional cleaning since it serves as a container for crumbs and seasonings. However, due to its mesh-like structure, the crisper tray cannot retain liquids. Any fluid will pass through the tray and accumulate at the bottom of the air fryer.

When using an air fryer with both a crisper tray and a basket, it is possible to utilize the crisper tray for foods that can be cooked in one layer, while reserving the basket for stacked foods like fries.

Can You Put Food Directly In the Air Fryer?

When I say directly, I am referring to placing the food at the bottom of the air fryer basket or cavity without any barrier between the food and the bottom. I have attempted this method, and my experience has shown me that…

Using an air fryer without the basket or tray is not recommended as it can create a mess and prevent the food from being suspended, which can hinder the air fryer’s ability to cook the food evenly from all angles. As a result, the food may end up being less crispy and potentially undercooked.

It is recommended to utilize any of the suggested replacements when using an air fryer, particularly those that provide some elevation for foods that require thorough cooking.

Can You Buy Replacement Baskets For the Air Fryer?

The availability of a replacement basket for your air fryer may depend on the manufacturer and circumstances. If your air fryer is under warranty, reaching out to customer service may provide you with the option to obtain a new basket.

Typically, replacement baskets can be found for purchase on various online and in-store platforms. It is recommended to first consult with the manufacturer before exploring options such as Amazon.

If you are looking for a replacement basket for your specific brand of air fryer, try searching on Google or Amazon using the keywords “replacement basket”.

Although there are “universal” baskets available that fit certain sizes of air fryers, irrespective of the brand, it is advisable to search for a replacement basket designed explicitly for your air fryer to guarantee complete compatibility.

Despite that, in general, it is possible to obtain a replacement air fryer basket for your appliance. This is highly recommended since the majority of air fryer baskets deteriorate quickly after a year of frequent use, with the non-stick coating peeling off easily.

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Performing proper maintenance and treating the air fryer basket appropriately can help slow down its wear and tear.

Where Can You Buy Air Fryer Baskets?

If you find yourself without an air fryer basket or if your current one is in such poor condition that it’s unusable, it may be time to consider purchasing a replacement. While the decision ultimately rests with you, acquiring a new basket is highly recommended. The question then becomes where to obtain one.

Air fryer baskets for certain models can be bought on Amazon, with the cost differing based on the basket’s brand and size.

If you are unable to locate the basket you need on Amazon, it may be worthwhile to reach out to the manufacturer.

If you are looking for air fryer baskets, it is recommended to check the manufacturer’s e-shop as they often sell them. If you have any other suggestions for where to find baskets, feel free to leave a comment below the post.

Do All Air Fryers Have Baskets?

Indeed, the air fryer basket has been an integral component of the appliance since its introduction to the market and our households, with occasional inclusion of a tray being more of a rarity than a norm.

The basket is essential for cooking various foods such as chicken wings, nuggets, fries, vegetables, fish, and more. By using parchment paper with the basket, you can expand your cooking options and experiment with different recipes.

Typically, air fryers are equipped with several accessories to ensure a comprehensive air frying encounter, including a basket, mittens, and appropriate utensils that come with the appliance upon unboxing.

If the cook wants to broaden their options, there are numerous accessories available for the air fryer.

Are you wondering if it’s possible to use an air fryer without the basket? The answer is yes, but there are some alternatives that you can use instead.

Paraphrase: The 21 best air fryer accessories

Do you have doubts about whether it’s feasible to utilize an air fryer without the basket? The response is affirmative, however there are a few other options that can be used in its place.

Other Air Fryer Accessories

Although the aforementioned list is not exhaustive, it includes most of the accessories that can be utilized in an air fryer. However, if you use your air fryer frequently, I recommend acquiring these supplementary accessories.

1. Ramekin

A porcelain dish that is typically utilized for serving individual servings of various foods, such as soup, cakes, gratins, and others.

While the ramekin may not be suitable for two people, it can be an ideal addition to the basket for a single person; available in various sizes, the 32-ounce ramekin is particularly useful for those using an air fryer.

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2. Double-Layer Cooking Rack

My family and I enjoy using these alternatives as they enable us to cook for everyone simultaneously. With the double-layered cooking rack, you can take advantage of the additional space and prepare twice as much food in a single batch.

An additional level of skewers is available to provide more cooking space, ideal for separating hamburgers, chicken, or other meats that should not touch during the cooking process.

3. Bundt Pan

Using a bundt pan as an accessory in your air fryer can assist you in making an attractive cake, but it is important to note that these pans are typically large and require a bigger air fryer.

Before buying a pan for your air fryer, it is important to measure the size of your air fryer to ensure that the pan fits perfectly. The bundt pan’s shape will be imprinted on your cake, brownie, or any other food item you decide to use it for.

Additionally, there are a few more accessories available that do not serve as a substitute for the basket, but can offer practical alternatives when utilizing the air fryer.

  • Tongs
  • Fry Cutter
  • Mandoline Slicer
  • Parchment Paper Liners
  • Thermometer

Related Questions

Is it possible to use silicone bakeware in an air fryer? Absolutely, using silicone cups or molds in the air fryer is a common practice when baking cupcakes and regular cakes, and there is no risk involved.

Is it possible to use cooking molds and utensils in an air fryer? Absolutely, any item that is suitable for a convection oven can also be utilized in an air fryer, such as silicone cooking molds, pots, and various utensils.

If your oven-safe cookware can withstand the heat of your oven, it can certainly handle the temperature of your air fryer. The limitations you encounter while using an air fryer are often due to its size and capacity rather than its heating capabilities.

Is it possible to use glass and pyrex in an air fryer? Absolutely. Glass and pyrex can be used in an air fryer.

Is it possible to bake using an air fryer? Absolutely, baking in an air fryer can yield excellent outcomes!


If you prefer not to use the air fryer basket, there are various other accessories and utensils that can serve as substitutes and fulfill your requirements.

Ensure that the air fryer has sufficient space to accommodate the food item and permits unrestricted air circulation inside it; otherwise, cooking time will increase, and the food will be cooked unevenly.

While the basket is ideal for making french fries, there are more suitable alternatives for cooking other types of food, particularly soup.

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