Can You Put Paper Towels in an Air Fryer?

Since I started running a blog, I’ve been steadily requested if paper towels can be utilized in an air fryer, prompting me to jot down this submit. It’s reassuring to obtain such questions because it’s higher to offer solutions than threat somebody beginning a hearth by experimenting with their air fryer.

It takes time to find out what works and what does not with new home equipment, together with the comparatively new air fryer, and even after years of use, experimentation remains to be essential.

Anyway, let’s start.

Is it secure to make use of paper towels in an air fryer? No, it isn’t beneficial to make use of paper towels in the air fryer throughout its operation. This is as a result of the paper towels can hinder the right circulation of air inside the chamber and will even trigger a hearth if they arrive into contact with the heating factor.

Luckily, there are different choices obtainable. Presumably, you meant to make the most of the paper towel to soak up any spills or oil – in that case, I extremely recommend utilizing perforated parchment papers which can be designed explicitly for air frying.

I’ve written an article on how to use them – they’re simply nice for air frying and they’re very cheap. The ones I’m utilizing can be found on Amazon for next to nothing for a 100-pack.

Why Is Parchment Paper Better To Put in the Air Fryer Than Regular Paper Towels?

Using non-perforated paper towels in an air fryer can hinder the circulation of sizzling air across the chamber, ensuing in uneven cooking.

Can You Use An Air Fryer Without The Basket (What Alternatives Can You Use?)

As an air fryer operates by circulating sizzling air across the basket to prepare dinner and dehydrate meals, obstructing the airflow with a paper towel can negatively impression the meals’s high quality.

However, is it not true that the oil and liquids cross instantly by means of the perforations?

Although a few of the liquids could seep by means of the perforations in the parchment paper, it successfully gathers many of the particles, simplifying the cleansing course of in your air fryer; all you might want to do is take out the parchment paper and eliminate the whole lot it has accrued.

You can use a paper towel or rag to wash off any remaining meals from the air fryer.

Paper towels and parchment papers must be held down by components to forestall them from stepping into the heating factor, which may be harmful.

While it’s potential to customise paper towels to suit the air fryer basket and add weight, doing so would stop the meals from being cooked evenly from all sides.

Perforated parchment papers are a superior choice in comparison with paper towels.

So, No Paper Towels in the Air Fryer Then?

Although there are other ways to make the most of paper towels with an air fryer, it isn’t beneficial to take action whereas the machine is in use and heated.

Paper towels are utilized in the method of seasoning the air fryer basket, which helps to forestall meals from sticking and simplifies cleansing. Here’s the way it’s completed:

  • Insert the basket and drawer into the air fryer, then provoke a 5-minute program.
  • When midway by means of the cooking course of, pause and open the air fryer to take out the basket.
  • To coat the elements of the air fryer’s basket that contact the meals with a skinny layer of coconut oil, use a paper towel to rub it on.
  • Reinsert the basket and drawer into the air fryer and proceed this system for the remaining 2 minutes.
Can You Fill an Air Fryer’s Basket To the Top? (You can but…)

By performing this job steadily, you’ll be able to preserve the stainless state of your air fryer basket for an prolonged length and in addition keep away from the peeling of the basket.

Preventing the peeling of an air fryer’s basket has been a problem for a lot of fashions, as some have proven indicators of peeling regardless of correct upkeep and cleansing.

It is essential to make the most of acceptable equipment, recurrently clear the air fryer, and use light instruments.

Check out my article the place I focus on the explanations behind the peeling of your air fryer basket and supply preventive measures.

What Accessories Can You Use In an Air Fryer?

Quite a lot of equipment may be helpful when utilizing an air fryer, and I’ve compiled a list of the 21 most helpful ones. Some are used contained in the air fryer whereas it’s cooking, and these are sometimes employed to substitute for the basket when it doesn’t suffice.

When getting components prepared for the air fryer, it is best to make use of equipment just like the mandolin and french fry cutter, which may present constantly well-cut greens, potatoes, and different objects.

When utilizing an air fryer, the mandolin is a extremely helpful precision slicing software.


Uniform measurement is essential for reaching the proper texture when cooking with an air fryer, as the recent air circulating inside will wrestle to prepare dinner a batch evenly if the items differ in measurement; utilizing a mandolin or french fry cutter ensures that every one fries are of equal measurement and completely crispy.

Why Is My Deep Fryer Smoking?

These will certainly be helpful, indisputably, so be certain that to check out them.

Check out our critiques for Air Fryers and Accesories!

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